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About Dawn

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Hi I'm Dawn Humeny,


Owner and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner of Life Unlimited BodyTalk, welcome and thanks for stopping by! 

Over the past 13 years I've been helping Awakened adults who are committed to authentically living out their Soul's purpose, to activate their powers of self healing and manifesting for deeply fulfilling lives. 

The best part about what I'll share with you is that BodyTalk helps you heal in every aspect: dissolve subconscious limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviours, naturally treat injury and illness, release emotional trauma and connect to Source - simultaneously.  An extremely gentle method that will align the body and spirit, release pain, increase energy levels and transform your life...

So you'll be able to stop behaviours that have you reacting to life out of fear and scarcity, release beliefs that bind up your tissues, and start living fully in abundance consciousness. Where you have a deep knowing it is your birthright as a Creator Being to enjoy unlimited health, prosperity, inspiration and love.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was struggling... 

I was living my life the way everyone told me I needed to be happy...

I remember clearly, when I'd achieved all the things on that checklist thinking, "Why do I feel so empty inside? Is this really all there is to life??" 

Sure, I was a qualified Registered Massage Therapist and had my own business, bought my own house, my physique was top notch being a novice fitness figure competitor, I found a great guy that doted on me and I was on my way to "the white picket fence" life everyone told me would make me happy.

I had achieved all these milestones, but it still didn't fulfill me.

At the time, I had moved away from everything and everyone I knew in Winnipeg, MB to Saskatoon, SK build a life with my new beau who was the "safe" choice for my heart. 


I had to rebuild my reputation as a RMT from scratch, so I became a subcontract therapist at a gym where I was sure I'd fit in, and got back into the bodybuilding culture. 


I had taken a break from it for a year but lifted heavy like I used anyway. Business was also slow and I was under a lot of financial stress. 

Deep down I knew choosing that relationship and moving wasn't best for me.  My spirit was in distress and I stopped sleeping well, eventually I was numb to joy and had a hard time getting out of bed most mornings.


This was a recipe for a severe weight training injury that led me to The BodyTalk System, which changed the trajectory of my career (and my entire life). 

After 7 years as a manual therapist, BodyTalk showed me the truth of how utterly interdependent mind, body, emotions and spirit are, and it is the epitome of wholistic healing.  


What I realized then was that BodyTalk is not just a health care system - it unlocks human potential! Shifting us out of living in fear on autopilot and into our power as Creators of a bountiful life. 


Through BodyTalk sessions tapping into my body's innate wisdom, I released beliefs that kept me striving for a life, relationships and things I didn't truly value... and that’s when everything changed for me!

I gained the courage to speak and live my truth... To do the hard thing and leave the "safe" life that was designed by my false self on autopilot... And reconnected with my Soul Mate I'd known since high school, to cultivate the truest love I've ever experienced and the passion filled, adventurous life I'd secretly always wanted.  



I’ve spent the last 13 years dedicated to helping people shed their stifling armour of beliefs that cause illness and injury in their bodies, live their purpose and continually grow to their greatest potential with BodyTalk. Because the way we were all taught that life happens to us not for us, is broken and will cause you to struggle with manifesting a life of deep fulfilment for years longer than is necessary. 


Honestly, I don’t want you to struggle like I did... 


That’s why I transitioned from a very successful 18 year massage career to offering predominantly BodyTalk sessions -- for Awakened adults who want to get to the deepest level of self awareness and unlock their potential as Creator Beings, so they can live the authentic and fulfilling life they desire and deserve. 

Look, you need to hear the truth… 

Because it would kill me for you to continue to feel frustrated and stuck like in a life you don't belong in...


The reality is, BodyTalk is the most comprehensive method for personal growth and healing if you want to create lasting changes in your mindset, activate the body's natural healing processes to heal injuries and illness quickly, and manifest a life of all you've ever dreamed of WITHOUT seeing 50 different practitioners every month. 


So let’s get your body, mind and spirit to their optimum health, and living your heart's greatest desires. 


I look forward to chatting with you. 

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