Reiki Treatment

BodyTalk Session (Remote Via Phone Call or Zoom)


Sessions are 45-60 minutes. 

Choose to receive a voice recording of all the priorities to be tapped out at your convenience, over the phone or via Zoom video call. 

*Receive a $10 discount for each referral of family and friends!


5 Session Package


If you're ready to invest in your healing and growth by prepaying for 5 sessions, I'm willing to reward your commitment by giving you almost a 15% discount!

Caring Child

30 Min Kids' Session


A session designed to fit their limited attention and sit-still span if you'd like them to tap them out yourself. 

If a more comprehensive session is desired for the child, I recommend that the parent/guardian act as a surrogate for the full 45-60 minute session while they're allowed to play quietly until tap out. 

Outdoors Meeting

BodyTalk Remote Group Session (Not Available At This Time)

$60, $75 or $85*

In BodyTalk Group Remote Sessions we are able to bring more intense observation through the attention of "the many vs. the few".

Members of the group come together (over Zoom conference call) for one or a series of sessions, to treat the problem they collectively have decided they would like to change in their lives.

Heal Group Session

Get out of survival mode - be better able to cope with stress, reduce anxiety, get out of depression, awaken from apathy Essential general balancing - coping with stress threshold, re-establishing communication within Brain, Hydration, Scar release, Interference Immune system support/balancing on all levels Balancing 5 elements, 5 senses Addressing pathological function of organs, endocrines, body parts and energies Improving circulation and nerve supply to from and within organs, endocrines, body parts and energies Realignment of musculoskeletal structure to reduce tension and pain Release active memories of stored trauma (mental, emotional, spiritual or physical from previous injuries/surgeries), fears and phobias in a very gentle way Release trapped emotional energy in organs, endocrines, bodyparts and energy systems

Strengthen Group Session

Work on releasing coping mechanisms or personality masks to reveal your authentic self Release belief systems about self love, being loved and loving others Release belief systems about who you think you are/roles you identify with Release active memories of stored trauma (mental, emotional, spiritual or physical from previous injuries/surgeries), fears and phobias with a little more intensity Ready to make some more substantial structural changes through reorganization of the connective tissues, bones and joints as well as repositioning of organs, endocrines and body parts Address deeper subconscious beliefs that cause you to modify your personality to fit in, control issues, judgment of self and others, and have the need to prove.

Grow Group Session

Start living as your authentic self Soul level/self actualization work - Recognize what your purpose/soul’s plan is and begin working toward it Working with universal laws - law of energy, law of attraction and abundance consciousness Releasing subconscious blocks to receiving Going into quantum level reorganization of atomic structure Working with a lot of the higher frequencies of the bodymind - energy systems of Chakras, meridians, matrixes, and manifestation energies more in depth Fine tuning - addressing subconscious, inherited or past life limiting beliefs   

*Membership for any 1, 2 , or all 3 sessions monthly. No contract, cancel anytime up to 2 weeks before next billing cycle. 

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