Reiki Treatment

BodyTalk Session (Remote Via Phone Call or Zoom)


Sessions are 45-60 minutes. 

Choose to receive your session in one of the following ways:


  • ver the phone 

  • Zoom video or voice call

  • Emailed voice recording of all the priorities to be tapped out at your convenience

*Receive a $10 discount for each referral of family and friends!


5 Session Package


If you're ready to invest in your healing and growth by prepaying for 5 sessions, I'm willing to reward your commitment by giving you almost a 15% discount!

Children's Race

30 Min Kids' Session


A session designed to fit their limited attention and sit-still span if you'd like them to tap them out yourself. 

If a more comprehensive session is desired for the child, I recommend that the parent/guardian act as a surrogate for the full 45-60 minute session while they're allowed to play quietly until tap out. 

Friends Portrait

BodyTalk Remote Group Session 

$60 per Participant

In BodyTalk Group Remote Sessions we are able to bring more intense observation through the attention of "the many vs. the few".

Members of the group come together (over Zoom conference call) for one or a series of sessions, to treat the problem they collectively have decided they would like to change in their lives.


Great for groups of friends that have common goals, team building with coworkers. and families for harmonizing dynamics/relationships!

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Group work.