Frequently Asked Questions

How Does BodyTalk Work?

BodyTalk is consciousness based medicine. That means we're working with the ideas and beliefs in your consciousness, that are the basis for creation of your physical reality (re: the way your cells form and function and how they/you interact with the rest of the world).

BodyTalk enhances communication between the body, mind, emotions and spirit, allowing them to work together as a team to manage life's stresses with ease and grace.

The only thing required to create change in consciousness is observation according to the observer effect in quantum theory. Once you observe something, you change it. This is why BodyTalk can create changes in your bodymind even if you're having a session over the phone, by email recording, or online conference calls.

What Conditions Can BodyTalk Help Me Manage Naturally?

Recent or Chronic Sports Injury - Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain - Muscle/Joint Stiffness & Pain Tendonitis - Arthritis - Low Energy - Trouble With Mental Focus/Thinking - IBS/Chron's Disease/Digestive Problems - Acute or Chronic Viruses/Bacterial Infections - Allergies/Intolerances (Food or Otherwise) - Menstrual Irregularities - Infertility - PTSD Fears/Phobias - Emotional Stress (Mood Swings, Anger Management, Depression/Anxiety)

What Can I Expect In An In-Person BodyTalk Session?

You'll be requested to fill out a health history form for me to understand the big picture of the stress you are coping with in all aspects your life. The more information and awareness you can give me as to what your challenges in life are, the easier it is to identify the cause of the stress through the body's healing wisdom. Then you're welcomed into my cozy treatment room to make yourself comfortable (fully clothed) on a plush heated massage table, with soft lighting and ambient music.

I'll sit beside the table and place my hand on your arm that I'll use for muscle checking. Muscle checking is a way of programming the body's healing wisdom to respond in a certain way for a 'Yes, you understand what I'm trying to tell you', and another type of response indicating a 'No, you have no idea what I'm trying to say, try again!'. This technique allows me to ask speciific 'yes' or 'no' questions, to navigate through all your body's systems and parts to find where the highest priority stress is stored.

You get to relax as I take the majority of the session to highlight the cause of your stress to the bodymind (I will share the details of each priority with you too, and you are welcome to comment or ask questions throughout), and we then reconnect the body/mind/spirit so they are all working together to adapt its reaction to those stressors. This is done by working with the 3 most influential electromagnetic (EM) fields of the bodymind - head brain, heart brain and gut brain - which contain all the information that make you 'You'*.

To change the way your body/mind/feelings are reacting to stress, we change the energetic 'blueprint' they get their information from. By sending a wave of vibration through the EM fields to break them down aka tapping - over head, heart centre and the navel. Occasionally hand positions are used to further focus the bodymind on a specific release. The EM fields then re-form themselves with all the new information downloaded from the session, for the bodymind to release all the stress that was overloading the system prior to the session, and adapt to the challenges your life is presenting. Leaving you with a greater sense of general wellbeing, less stiffness and pain in your muscles, a clearer mind and lighter mood.

*The bodymind is uploading and downloading information from the environment and universe every moment of every day, because we are a part of all of it and this establishes our sense of who we are in relation to it. All the information in these fields, is what your cells base their form and function off of.

How Does BodyTalk Work Remotely?

When the Practitioner is focusing on you, they are tuned in to your body’s innate wisdom. The Practitioner programs their own body as a surrogate for yours to do muscle checking. This is how they find where the “weak links” are throughout all the systems and parts, isolating the areas which are a priority for the bodymind - the whole self - to heal. After all the priorities are highlighted, the practitioner taps out the session on their body that is tuned into your frequencies. Your bodymind then downloads the information related to the observed priorities - and makes the necessary changes to heal and balance itself.​

That's how a remote session works, so you can receive the benefits of BodyTalk from any Practitioner from anywhere around the world!

What Is The Benefit Of Doing Group BodyTalk Sessions?

In BodyTalk Group Remote Sessions we are able to bring more intense observation through the attention of "the many vs. the few".

Members of the group come together (in-person or over Skype conference call) for one or a series of sessions, to treat the problem they collectively have decided they would like to change in their lives. I.E. Those looking for immune support; removing psychological blocks preventing weight loss; developing better intuition etc.

The more observation, the greater the change that can occur. This is why BodyTalk Group Sessions create even more dramatic changes and than one on one sessions.