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Group Session Schedule

• All Heal Group Sessions Held On Second Thursday Of Every Month
• All Strengthen Group Sessions Held On Third Thursday Of Every Month
• All Grow Group Sessions Held On Last Thursday Of Every Month

*Unless there's a conflict with the Practitioner's schedule, in which case you'll be notified by email with an alternate date and time as soon as possible

Where Are The Group Sessions Held?

Group sessions are held remotely on the Zoom platform. When you set up your membership you'll be emailed the Zoom link to join the sessions.

What If I Can't Make The Sessions Live?

No problem! Sessions are recorded and posted within 24 hours on a video streaming service that allows you to access the complete history of sessions for that group at your convenience. BodyTalk Distance Sessions aren't time sensitive, whenever you are able to listen to them is the best time for your bodymind to receive their benefits - even years later (for the lifetime of your membership)!

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