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Meet Dawn

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Hi I'm Dawn Humeny,


Owner and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner of Life Unlimited BodyTalk, welcome and thanks for stopping by! 

Over the past 13 years I've been helping Awakened adults who are committed to authentically living out their Soul's purpose, to activate their powers of self healing and manifesting for deeply fulfilling lives. 

The best part about what I'll share with you is that BodyTalk helps you heal in every aspect from limiting mental beliefs, physical ailments, emotional traumas and spiritual constitution - simultaneously.  And it's an extremely gentle method that will realign, release and revitalize your body, and your life circumstances...


Why BodyTalk?

It can help with

Reiki Treatment
Reclaim Your Energy
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Clear blockages from energy channels and reservoirs that supply all cells, systems and body parts with life force and innate wisdom, so you can quickly recover from mental or emotional stress, heal illness and injury fast, and evolve to your fullest potential. 

Self Discovery

Explore YOUR truth.

Quickly unravel unconscious behaviour patterns and shed personality masks that keep you from being the professional, parent, partner and person you desire to be.

Self Realization

Gain a clear and intimate understanding of what your core values are, what you're passionate about and what your heart truly desires out of this life.

Reveal your soul's purpose and be flooded with the will, inspiration and drive to achieve your personal greatness.

Optimize Your Fitness
  • Tweak your metabolism for weight loss and/or building muscle

  • Ensure best circulation for healing

  • Faster workout and injury recovery

  • Natural immune system support

  • Improve digestion/ nutrient absorption

  • Lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation and swelling

  • Fascial release for better flexibility

  • Spinal and Postural Alignment 

  • Hormone balancing

Sharpen The Mind
  • ​Mental Clarity

  • Improved Focus 

  • Longer Concentration

  • Less Overthinking

  • More Decisive

  • Develop Intuition

  • Increased Mental Plasticity

  • Easily Shift Mental States Eg. Alert to relaxed or vice versa

Gently Release
  • Overcome Fears and Phobias holding you hostage

  • Manage Mood Swings

  • Release pent up anger and resentment in a constructive way

  • Find the underlying cause of Depression 

  • Manage anxiety naturally


Hey I just wanted to say thank you so much for the treatment, I honestly feel so much lighter and happier in that aspect and it's been so long since I've felt like this. My back is already loosening up in my shoulders and my neck isn't as tight. I just really wanted to message you and thank you so much, I honestly feel amazing.

— Hannah, Winnipeg MB

After her first distance session


Reiki Treatment

BodyTalk Session (Remote Via Phone Call or Zoom)

Outdoors Meeting

BodyTalk Remote Group Session


5 Session Package

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FREE Remote Coaching: Go From Frazzled To Focused In 7 Days!

Caring Child

30 Min Kids' Remote Session


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